How does Funtome work?

Funtome supports instant messaging. But the possibility to transform text into original pictures makes it really different. Type your message first. After the words are highlighted you can tap the text and change it into the picture you like.

Funtome functions

- Exchange text, voice and picture messages;
- Invite friends and create group chats;
- Customize notification sounds for incoming and outgoing messages;
- Send photo and video;
- Set chat wallpapers;
- Surprise your friends with brighter messages, discover new pictures, get bonuses and improve your score.

What languages does Funtome support?

Funtome supports English and Russian.

Can I use Funtome on my PC?

At present this option is not supported. Funtome can be installed on smartphones and tablets only.

Can I have one account for both iOS and Android devices?

Yes. One account can be managed on several devices, both Android and iOS. When using your account on several devices chat history is saved automatically.

Can I write a message in different languages?

Yes. You can type and send messages using any language. However, for text-to-picture transformation you can use only English and Russian.

Can I download pics and videos from Funtome?

Yes. You can save any media files from your chat.


How can I invite a friend?

To invite a friend go to Contacts, select one from the list and click Invite. Сhoose SMS to send an automatic SMS-invitation. Choose More to send an invitation link to another messenger.

Can I block Funtome user?

Yes. Go to the chat Settings and click Block. To unlock a user go to the chat Settings and click Unlock.

Can I create a group chat?

Yes. You can create a group chat (up to 50 users).


How can I improve my score?

To increase your score, use Funtome to the maximum:
- Communicate with a larger number of users and discover more new pictures;
- Move to new levels and get bonuses;
- Use new wallpapers, sounds, etc.



Choose from the list below:


I can’t register

I didn’t receive a confirmation code

I don’t see my country in the list


I don’t receive application notifications

I don’t receive message notifications


I can’t set up photo

I can’t set up personal sound

I don’t see my score


I can’t send voice messages

I can’t send photo

I can’t send messages to particular contact


I didn’t get Funums for messaging

If you have any OTHER problems please contact Funtome Support and add a Comment


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